Fall 2016 - Travel Try-Outs

Try Outs were held on  
May 14

If you missed them and are interested in our Travel Program then please contact us ASAP.

 Howard Young, Vice President  (267) 242-5530

South County Travel Program

South County Soccer League (SCSL) currently runs successful travel teams for both boys and girls, and is always looking to expand the travel program. We employ professional trainers to help coach at all levels, and teams are managed by parents who have gained their coaching certification with NJ Youth Soccer Association.

Our philosophy is to provide a quality and fun soccer experience for our young players which is also affordable and caters for our busy lives. Our program has been expanding steadilly over the last few years and some of our teams have been together for five years. 

We are very proud of our fields at East Amwell School which we believe now provide some of the best playing surfaces in the League. We are working to improve all our other fields to bring them up to the same high standard. 

We have kept our prices at $295 for each half season (Fall and Spring) and will strive to maintain a competitive price going forward, charging only for what it actually costs the club to run the Travel program. This fee covers:

- 10 week professional training program for each half season

- League Registration

- Referee Fees

- Insurance

- Field Maintenance

- Equipment

We charge separately for Uniforms (approx $95) and Tournaments (approx $35) and camps (approx $60). A full year (both Fal andof playing, training, with tournaments, is therefore about $850 but this can be less depending on the parents and coaches' wishes.  

For more information please contact:

Howard Young, Vice President  (267) 242-5530

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