Volunteer Duties

·         Coach - Lead position for managing a team. Will conduct practices, manage games, and facilitate team coordination for activities. Encouraged to attend an F-License Coaches training course.

·         Assistant Coach - Responsible for helping to coach the team. Will work with coach to provide instruction, conduct practices, and look after the team for games. Will serve as the lead coach in the absence of the coach. Encouraged to attend F-License coaches training class.

 ·         Equipment Manager - Purchase and management of league equipment.

 ·         Equip Manager Assistant - Assistant to the Equipment Manager. Will assist in care of equipment, including tracking, repair (where applicable), distribution, and collection.

 ·         Field Maint. Coord. - Coordinate the maintenance of our fields. Watering, patching holes, grass upkeep, and any other maintenance activities for fields and their related equipment.

 ·         Field Maintenance Assistant- Participate with the field maintenance coordinator in the duties listed there.

 ·         Field Setup - Pull out goals, paint initial lines on the fields, set up nets, get snack shack ready, and other misc. tasks.

 ·         Field Take Down - Put away goals, clean up facilities, winter prep, etc.

 ·         Field Line Painter - Paint the lines on our soccer field at least two times during the season. We will offer an online signup for this.

 ·         OPT OUT - Opt out of the volunteer program.

 ·         Sponsor Coordinator - Coordinate obtaining sponsorship for teams, facilitate payment, and obtain artwork for web site and brochure.

 ·         Team Parent/SAGE Coordinator - This is a combined position this year. Coordinate activities of snacks for team, helping the coach with communications and representing the team as the SAGE coordinator.

 ·         Referee Coordinator – Make sure all home games have a referee including travel.

 ·         Trophy Coordinator (Fall Season Only) - Order trophies for SCSL, distribute to coaches.

 ·         Volunteer Duty Admin - Coordinate volunteer duties within SCSL.

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